Stonelifting timeline

The stone of Bybon.
The stone of Bybon.

Possibly the oldest stonelifting artifact in existance. The stone of Bybon is a 143.5kg (316lb) stone inscribed with the text:

Bybon son of Phola, has lifted me over head with one hand.

The stone of Thera.
The Thera Stone.

A 480kg trachyte boulder supposedly lifted by Eumastas with his bare hands.

Inscribed on the stone is:

Eumastas, son of Kritobolos, lifted me off the earth.

The fianna stone.
The Fianna stone.

The oldest liftable historic lifting stone we know of. Difficult to precisely date but some evidence suggests the stone may have been lifted before the turn of the 11th century.

it is said, allow no youth to bear the warlike spear, or join the ranks of war until he lifted one of the Bodachs.

A photo of a long, heavy stone lying on its side.

Brynjólfur “Sterki” Eggertsson carries the 281kg (619 lb) Brynjólfstak around 50 meters from the shore to its current spot.

A depiction of Sannomiya Unosuke and his troupe lifting heavy objects.
A depiction of Sannomiya Unosuke and his troupe.

Sannomiya Unosuke lifts Japan’s heaviest power stone — the 610kg 大盤石 — on the day of the Inari Jinja festival to an amazed audience.

The Dinnie Stones
The Dinnie Stones.

Donald Dinnie carries a pair of stones across the width of Potarch Bridge (17 feet 1.5 inches). Donald and his father, Robert, used the stones as counterweights.

David Webster walks on the bank of the River Dee recounting his experience rediscovering the Dinnie Stones.
David Webster on the bank of the River Dee.

David Webster OBE rediscovers the Dinnie Stones on the bank of the River Dee. The ring on the large stone was missing.

Jack Shanks lifts the Dinnie Stones.
Jack Shanks lifting the Dinnie Stones.

Jack Shanks becomes the first man to lift the Dinnie Stones unassisted after Donald Dinnie himself in 1860.

Jan Todd holds the Dinnie Stones' rings wearing wrist straps.
Jan Todd with the Dinnie Stones in 1979.

Jan Todd becomes the first woman to lift the Dinnie Stones, successfully putting wind beneath the stones using wrist straps.

Magnús Ver Magnússon carries the Húsafell Stone during World's Strongest Man 1992.
Magnús Ver Magnússon carries the Húsafell Stone.

The Húsafell Stone features at World’s Strongest Man in Iceland as the final event.

Of Stones and Strength bookcover
Of Stones and Strength.

Ironmind publishes Of Stones and Strength, written by Steve Jeck and Peter Martin Sr., the seminal book on historic stonelifting featuring stones from around the world.

Laurence Shahlaei carries the Dinnie Stones.
Big Loz carries the Dinnie Stones.

Laurence Shahlaei becomes the first man to surpass the distance of the width of Potarch Bridge with the Dinnie Stones by carrying the stones 22’ 4” (6.8m).

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