For millennia humans have been lifting stones to test their strength. Against themselves, against other people, and against nature. is documenting these lifting stones, their cultures, and their stories from across the world.

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Peaking for a stonelifting tour lead image
Peaking for a stonelifting tour

How to peak your training and successfully demonstrate your strength for a stonelifting tour.

Stonelifting training part 2: The workout lead image
Stonelifting training part 2: The workout

What workouts look like when I train for a stonelifting tour.

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Dinnie Stones lead image
Historic stones
Dinnie Stones

Known across the strength world, this pair of legendary ringed stones is known for their immense challenges.

Húsafell Stone lead image
Historic stones
Húsafell Stone

The legendary Icelandic stone used as a gate to a sheep pen.

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