The stonelifting community is still relatively small - but it's getting bigger. And there are plenty of resources to learn more about stone lifting. Here are some links to sites, books, and documentaries that we think you should take a look at.

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Stonelifting: An Ancient Test Of Strength Revived, Martin Jancsics and Dr. Bill Crawford

Stonelifting: An Ancient Test of Strength Revived - Martin Jancsics and Dr. Bill Crawford

Martin Jancsics and Dr Bill Crawford take the reader on a stone lifting tour of Scotland and Iceland, telling you the stories, weights, and challenges of the historic stones. Parts two and three of the book offer stonelifting technique and training progressions for lifting stones.

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Of Stones And Strength, Steve Jeck and Peter Martin

Of Stones and Strength - Steve Jeck and Peter Martin

Before the days of cast concrete and tacky, it was simple: there were testing stones - manhood stones - and if you were up to the challenge, you lifted them. This is the stuff of legends and there is no better team to tackle the lore - and the nitty-gritty - of the world's greatest manhood stones than Steve Jeck and Peter Martin.

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