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Saddlin' Mare lead image
Historic stones

Saddlin' Mare

A large plinth sits next to a road awaiting its saddle stone to be balanced on top.

The Blue Stone of Old Hartley lead image
Historic stones

The Blue Stone of Old Hartley

A Saxon boundary stone that was once lifted by Willie Carr, "Hercules of the north".

Barevan Stone lead image
Historic stones

Barevan Stone

At the end of a stone grave in the ruins of a church sits the Barevan Stone. But why is it there?

Dritvík Stones lead image
Historic stones

Dritvík Stones

On the black beaches surrounding Dritvík there lies a ship wreck and four stones reminding us of the area's past as a fishing station.

Puterach Stone lead image
Historic stones

Puterach Stone

This ancient test of loading the stone on the plinth was revived in 2011 when a replacement stone was found for the Pudrac plinth.

Jeju Stonelifting lead image
Stone Culture

Jeju Stonelifting

South Korea's Jeju island has a stone lifting past that is unknown to most. Does the lost culture still exist?

Leggstein lead image
Historic stones


Help free the soul of a farmer by walking this stone around his grave.

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Stone locations

Icelandic Lifting Stone Locations

Plan your stone lifting trip to Iceland with our Icelandic lifting stone directory!

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