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The Nicol Walking Stones lead image
Competition stones

The Nicol Walking Stones

A pair of stones used in a farmer's walk for max distance — famously used at Giants Live

Polynesian Stonelifting lead image
Stone Culture

Polynesian Stonelifting

The ancient tradition of stonelifting across the islands of French Polynesia

The Legend Stones lead image
Contemporary stones

The Legend Stones

A group of stones in Germany inscribed with Germanic runes

The Replica Dinnie Stones lead image
Competition stones

The Replica Dinnie Stones

Replica stones commissioned by Gordon Dinnie that are now used in Rogue Record Breaker events.

Odd Haugen’s Tombstone lead image
Competition stones

Odd Haugen’s Tombstone

A huge, heavy, and awkward stone used at the Arnold Strongman Classic in the Stone to Shoulder event.

Castle Stones lead image
Competition Stones

Castle Stones

A set of Atlas Stones used in Giants Live Strongman competitions

Atlas Stones lead image
Other stones

Atlas Stones

The famous concrete balls lifted by Strongmen have a history rooted in Scottish stone lifting.

Garreg Orchest lead image
Historic stones

Garreg Orchest

An awkward Welsh carrying stone reminiscent of the Húsafell stone.