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Historic stones

Dinnie Stones

Known across the strength world, this pair of legendary ringed stones is known for their immense challenges.

Historic stones

Húsafell Stone

The legendary Icelandic stone used as a gate to a sheep pen.

Historic stones

Dritvík Stones

On the black beaches surrounding Dritvík there lies a ship wreck and four stones reminding us of the area's past as a fishing station.

Historic stones

Inver Stone

An oval shaped granite stone that once sat outside of a cottage next to the River Dee in Scotland. Arguably one of the most famous lifting stones.

Other stones

Atlas Stones

The famous concrete balls lifted by Strongmen have a history rooted in Scottish stone lifting.

Historic stones

Barevan Stone

At the end of a stone grave in the ruins of a church sits the Barevan Stone. But why is it there?

Historic stone site

Sheriffmuir stones

Reviving the ancient lifting site where the Wallace Putting Stone once sat.

Competition stones

The Nicol Walking Stones

A pair of stones used in a farmer's walk for max distance — famously used at Giants Live