Scottish Lifting Stone Locations

When planning to lift some of the historic lifting stones of Scotland there are a few questions that come up. 'Where is the Inver stone?', 'Where are the Dinnie Stones?', 'Where's the Dalwhinnie Stone exactly?'... You get the idea.

The Dinnie stones
Where exactly are the Dinnie Stones?

One of the main goals of this project is to create and maintain a directory of all of the stones people want to lift - which includes the location of each stone.

In the past people located the stones by getting directions from other people who knew where they were. Now we have easily accessible maps and GPS at our fingertips, so we've gathered information from the community and put together an interactive map containing each stone that we know of!

Using our directory and map, it's easier than ever to find each stone and plan your trip to each lifting site!

Below is our list of Scottish stones that we have location infomation for. Each time a new stone is added to our map, our directory is updated too.

Click on the name of the stone to take you to the location of it on our map. Alternatively, if you just want to explore all of the stones - go straight to the map

Are we missing any stones? Let us know by contacting us!