Irish lifting stone locations

Irish stonelifting culture was thought to be dead — and no stones had been discovered despite efforts from multiple people in the stonelifting community. However, Ireland now boasts dozens of historic stonelifting challenges thanks to discoveries from the last few years.

David Keohan continues to spearhead the revival of Irish stonelifting by rediscovering, lifting, and documenting Ireland’s lifting stones. The majority of this information is courtesy of David Keohan, so you should follow him on Instagram.

The stone of Inishmore
The Stone of Inishmore

Before going out and lifting any of these stones, make sure you’re familiar with stonelifting etiquette.

Here’s our directory of lifting stones in Ireland and Northern Ireland, spanning locations. Click on the name of the stone to take you to the location on our map. Alternatively, to explore all of the stones — go straight to the map.

Stone Weight Liftable

Are we missing any stones? Let us know by contacting us!

One of the main goals of the project is to create and maintain a directory of all the stones people want to lift — including the locations of each stone.

In the past people located stones by getting directions from other people who knew where they were. Now we have easily accessible maps and GPS at our fingertips, so we’ve gathered information from the community and put together an interactive map containing each stone that we know of!

Using our directory and map, it’s easier than ever to find each stone and plan your trip to each lifting site!

Each time we add a new stone to the map, our directory updates too!

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