This 220kg stone is sat at the grave of a farmer who made a pact with the devil.



We have to help that poor bastard out.
— Stefán Sölvi Pétursson

The Leggstein’s challenge is to pick up the stone, and then walk it around the large boulder next to the stone. The walk is around twelve meters.


The Leggstein (or the Tombstone in English) is an interesting stone thanks to its unique challenge and the legend that accompanies it.

One day, after a long day of working, a farmer sat upon a stone and pleaded to become more successful and prosperous.

The devil heard the farmer’s plea for help and offered to make a pact; If the farmer could simply lift the stone, he would have his wishes granted — the devil would make him prosperous. If he couldn’t he would pay the ultimate price with his soul.

The farmer was strong and agreed to the deal. He tried lifting the stone, but struggled over and over to break it from the ground. He had failed. The devil tricked the farmer and had demon hold the stone to the ground to make it impossible to lift. The devil had cheated.

As agreed, the farmer’s soul was taken. The farmer fell dead on the spot and is buried under the plinth.

A priest knew that the devil had cheated, and made a proposal to him. If man could complete 100 total circles around the farmer’s grave with the Tombstone the devil would free the farmer’s soul.

For many years lifters have attemped to free the soul of the farmer, but it’s a difficult challenge. The stone is one of the heaviest lifting stones that we know of, and it’s also very smooth. Most lifters bearhug the stone and lock their fingers together under the wider end of the stone.

As far as we know the Leggstein has been carried around the plinth more than half the number of times needed to release the farmer — 56 times according to Pétur Guðmundsson in Fullsterkur (2018). It’s definitely greater than that now, but we don’t know the precise number.

The exciting part of this legend is that it isn’t over! The farmer will be released before long, but who will complete the 100th revolution?


The Leggstein is sat in the north-western fjords of Iceland at Heydalur, near to a hotel and farm.

Leggstein leaning on the plinth
Leggstein leaning on the plinth

The precise location is on our map.

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